Profitable Football Betting – Ultimate Football Betting Tips & Systems


Without a glimpse of doubt, football is the most popular sport we have right now. And it’s been this way for a very long time. Almost every country in the world has a fanbase for this sport. The same is somewhat true for football betting as well. 

As a result, new football bookmakers have popped out all over the place. The challenge is often to find the right one for your needs because every single bookmaker will be slightly different. 

We have a betting expert among us to create a complete guide on UK football betting tips. To be precise, we will focus on profitable football betting based on the most popular strategies in circulation today. 

What Is Football Betting? How Does It Work?

Football betting is pretty much what it sounds like. You bet on the outcomes of a football match. We’re saying “outcomes” instead of an outcome because there are plenty of areas to bet other than the outright result. 

For example, the number of total goals, the man of the match, the highest goal scorer, number of corners, etc., are all valid markets. Similar to these, different bookmakers may create their markets to stand out from the crowd. 

To bet on football, you first need an account at one of the new football bookmakers in the UK. Then, you need to visit the football section of the betting site and select a match. Once you click on the game, you’ll find all the offered markets for that match. 

Along with the markets will be the odds. If you’re not aware, the odds are direct projections of how much you can win from the bet. It also shows how likely the outcome is. 

There are 2 main types of bets. Pre-match bets and live bets. Pre-match are the ones you place before a match starts, sometimes days in advance. And live bets are the ones you place during a live game. The odds for live bets are always shorter, but they come with lots of excitement! 

Coming back to the topic of our discussion for this post, the UK football betting tips at the new football bookmakers. Our focus is on making profits consistently. And to make it happen, we need to use strategies. 

From here on, you will learn about some of the best football betting strategies to exist in this modern era. Let’s hand this piece over to the betting expert.

Back & Lay – The Best Football Betting System?

Also known as Back-to-Lay, this betting system is one of the most popular among professional bettors, if not the most popular. The idea is to profit from the odds difference for the same market. 

The nature of the bet makes it quite unsuitable for use at UK football betting sites. Rather, you should be visiting the betting exchanges where you can utilise the back & lay system to its fullest. 

The system dictates looking for odds on a team that’s too good to be true. You place money at the given odds and wait for the odds to drop. For example, Liverpool is getting 13.00 odds on a match. You know that the odds will come down as the matchday advances. 

Finally, you may find 8.00 odds on the same match and on the same team on the match day. If you were at a bookmaker, there’s nothing to do because you’ve already placed a bet on this market. But in an exchange, you can place another bet. 

So, if you placed £100 at 13.00 odds, your potential payout was £1300. Now, you divide it by the current odds. You get (£1300/8.00 = £162.5). It is your lay bet, and you’re going to make £62.5 out of the market whether Liverpool wins or not. 

You can use this theory for all matches you find at a betting exchange. All you have to do is be present at the right place at the right time. 

Value Bets – The Most Important Football Betting Strategy?

If you ask someone the best football betting strategy, they might answer that it’s value betting. While we’re not going to claim it as the best strategy for football, we can certainly agree that it’s one of the most important. 

A value bet is essential where you get higher odds than the statistical chance is saying. For example, a bookmaker may have pegged a team as an extreme favourite while the skill difference between the 2 teams is not that severe. 

In this case, the odds for the underdog are going to be very long. And you know that it has every possibility of winning. You place the bet as you would have otherwise placed on the favourite. You have a value bet right there. 

To profit from value bets, you need to target multiple bookmakers at once. It shouldn’t be hard, given that new football bookmakers are abundant in the country. 

Matched Betting – Does It Work Every Time?

You can call it arbitrage betting if you want. The only difference is that you’re using the promotions from a bookmaker. 

The idea of arbing is to place 2 bets on opposing outcomes at 2 different bookmakers or a betting exchange. When you put both bets using your bankroll, it’s arbing or arbitrage betting. But when you place 1 of the bets using the bonus you got, it’s matched betting. 

The term “matched” refers to the fact that you’re placing the same amount on the opposing bet. Rather than making a profit, matched betting aims to reduce the chances of a loss. It works every single time as long as you’re not betting on shorter odds. 

There’s a misconception that matched betting is illegal. But that’s not true. Indeed, bookmakers don’t like it very much because if you don’t lose money, they don’t make money. But there are no legal grounds to stop you from placing these bets. 

Profitable Betting Tips on Football

Before we wrap the guide up, the betting expert would like to share some tips with you. These are to complement what you’ve learned so far. 

  • Research the sport very well. The more you know about something, the better you can assume the outcome. 
  • Don’t scatter your bets all over the place. Rather, target 1 match or 1 tournament at a time and use-value bets, matched bets, and back & lay to your advantage. 
  • Spend more time at betting exchanges than new football bookmakers to make consistent profits. Your options are pretty much limitless at an exchange. 


Football being the most popular sport worldwide, there’s no lack of events to bet on. There are plenty of domestic and international tournaments with spectacular odds at betting sites. 

However, betting on football and making a profit are 2 different things. To make consistent profits, you need to take help from betting systems. We have listed some of the best football betting strategies for our readers in this post. It’s time to utilise them!