Police Chase and Car Crash Caught on Camera in West Charlotte Neighborhood (Video)


Last night a high-speed police chase around Center City ended in a car crash in a small neighborhood just north of Uptown – and the entire crash was caught on tape.

The footage was captured by Nest’s new streaming outdoor cam that was installed on a home near the crash site (footage provided by Nest):

The police chase started after a car jacking was reported on Caronia Street in West Charlotte. Police quickly responded, spotted the gold BMW, and chased it up 77 and into the Brightwalk Neighborhood, where it eventually crashed on Double Oaks Rd:


WBTV interviewed the owner of the carjacked BMW, Joe Hood. He said that he was dropping off food for his family when two armed men approached.

“Two guys had pulled two guns out on me – .38’s – telling me to give it up,” Hood said. “I didn’t have no other choice because I done been shot before.”

One person was arrested after the crash, but CMPD has yet to release his name or his charges.