Police Asking For Help To Find Missing Belmont Person


Police and rescue crews are now actively scouring the Catawba river after a man disappeared from Belmont’s Kevin Loftin Park yesterday morning.

Belmont police arrived at the park’s Boat Landing at around 1:40 p.m. where they discovered an empty wheelchair and several fishing rods and gear, there were a few witnesses at the park, who told police that the wheelchair and fishing gear were there since 7:30am.

The Charlotte Fire Department sent out a dive team to scan the bottom of the river using SONAR equipment.

The dive team and local police have still not uncovered any additional clues.

Police have labeled the incident as a “possible” crime scene as they are still unsure what may have happened to the missing person.

If you have any information about who or where the missing person might be, please call the Belmont Police Department at 704-866-3300.