PMI-ACP Course


KnowledgeHut has brought to you the new PMI-ACP Certification Training Course on its experiential learning platform. This is a comprehensive training certification course curated as per industry standard mainly for Agile practice with its latest principles and techniques. The PMI-ACP Course immersive course has been designed by experienced Agilists to give you experiential learning along with real-world simulations, case studies, and much more. So, without further ado, let’s know in detail what all this course has to offer to you, answering every related questions:

Why you A need PMI-ACP Certification?

The present course enhances and validates your learned knowledge of Agile practices and methodologies with the PMI-ACP® certification. 

You get to explore diverse approaches to agility practices such as Scrum, Lean, Kanban, Test-Driven Development (TDD), and Extreme Programming (XP) and the right opportunity to inculcate an Agile mindset and gain an on-hand expertise in Agile Project Management.

By the completion of the course, you will be indeed master in the tools and techniques that skilled Agile practitioners seeks to improve their team performance, resolute conflicts, and engage in the regular process improvements, and of course in the end getting equipped with the desired  job-ready skills. 

PMI-ACP® certification training is a designation offered by the PMI® i.e. the Project Management Institute to those candidates who potentially demonstrate their knowledge with understanding by acing the assessment exam. PMI-ACP® is a registered trademark which is owned by PMI and the renowned KnowledgeHut is an authorized training partner of PMI.

Why Become a skilled Agile practitioner

There is a huge demand of skilled Agile practitioners across industries. This becomes clarified when you will know that there are several organizations that are going Agile and the numbers have tremendously increased over the past few decades with an continuous adoption rate of 95% all over the world. The current steep in adoption rate it indicates that the need for project management practitioners in implementing Agile in organizations has also rapidly increased.

Besides this, one thing is clear that whether you are an aspiring agilest, a project management professional working in an Agile environment, or a developer of team member, the PMI-ACP certification ensures that you stand to gain a huge competitive edge. So, fulfill your dreams,  get skilled as a Agile leader and capitalize on the increasing demand of this role in organizations. 

What is in it for you in the PMI-ACP Course

The PMI-ACP training course gets you a professional certification which helps you in your future in a number of ways.  To begin with; it will validate your allegiance to continued excellence in the project Management field and Agile prospects. It will demonstrate the ability of the certified candidate to handle projects efficaciously in the complex business world and display the cultivated leadership abilities in the necessitated time.

By the end of the course, you will be champion in Agile change in your organization   and will have an edge to command a comparatively higher salary than your non-certified peers. Some of the other skills that you will gain by this certification are as listed below: 

Master Agile project management and learn how to implement it efficiently in your organization.

You will also learn how an Agile practitioner gets to prioritize the quality of the product being delivered in the market.

The most important aspect of the PMI-ACP training is that it will make you learn about the stakeholder engagement, as in how to communicate with them and work by combining different inputs. 

Further, you will know how to master risk management in order to mitigate risks, resolve conflicts in your organization by using the learned Agile techniques. With the continuous learning support and guidance from the accredited industry experts you get to improvise your skill to overcome challenges in your Agile career.

Steps to get PMI-ACP certified

There are only three simple steps you need to follow to get PMI-ACP certified:

Step 1: Get trained: Get trained through KnowledgeHut by enrolling yoursellf for an upcoming course and attend the 21-hours of training.

Step 2: Take the PMI-ACP exam: Successfully complete the course and demonstrate your understanding of Agile by acing the exam. 

Step 3: Get certified of being a PMI-Agile certified practitioner: Upon successful completion of the course you’ll need to accept a license agreement from Scrum Alliance.

Prerequisites for the PMI-ACP training

There are absolutely no prerequisites required from the candidates to attend this training program. Please do note that in order to qualify for the PMI-ACP exam, PMI mandatorily requires the candidates to complete 21-hours of training in Agile practices by Knowledgehut, an authorized training partner of PMI. 

Final Thoughts

The PMI-ACP comprehensive training workshop offered at knowledgehut will be delivered through an immersive learning experience platform that solid track of record in providing this certification through live online mode and instructor-led interactive training sessions. 

You can attend, learn, ask all your doubts and get it clarified one-to-one from your expert mentor. In case you have any query regarding the program or would like to know more, kindly reach out to us at: and continue learning.