Pineville Veteran Will Attempt To Break Guinness World Pushup Records (Streaming Live)


TShane Johnson, a North Carolina Marine Corps veteran and homeless and injured veteran advocate, will try to complete break two marks recognized by Guinness World Records Saturday, May 1:

The number of pushups completed in one hour. (Will know by 7 a.m. EST, May 1)
The number of pushups completed in 12 hours. (Will know by 7 p.m. EST, May 1)

In his Pushups for Purple Hearts Challenge, Marine veteran, advocate for the homeless, author and single father TShane Johnson will be pushing through pain from his past injuries to perform a record-breaking number of pushups. The one-hour record stands at 2,919 pushups, and the 12-hour record of 19,325 was set exactly 32 years ago on May 1, 1989, by Paddy Doyle. Johnson’s effort will raise funds for the National Purple Heart Honor Mission.

You can watch the attempt live on May 1st at 6:50am here:




  1. I saw this broadcast! I admire such people! I know a woman who is almost 100 years old and she does a handstand exercise every morning, for 30 seconds !!! How, is this how they do it ?! These people find the strength to go in for sports, not complain of back pain in their arms! I’m sure they have health problems, after all, this is age, no one will get away from this. I admire such people, you need to take an example from them !!!

    Emma –