Pickleball is Booming in Charlotte


Pickleball is Booming in Charlotte

Using a paddle and a plastic ball with holes, pickleball is a paddle sport that combines aspects of tennis, badminton, and ping-pong. All ages and skill sets of players are welcome to play. It has straightforward rules, making it an ideal sport for beginners. But when players gain more expertise, the game may also be challenging, competitive, and fast-paced.

According to the United States Sports and Fitness Industry Association on the 2022 single sport participation report on pickleball, there are over 4.8 million recorded pickleball players in the country. From 2020 to 2021, pickleball grew by 14.8%.  This followed a 21.3% rise from 2019 to 2020. A few major reasons it is mainstreamed are because it is an ideal social activity and is considered a healthy sport for many people.

How pickleball has benefited Charlotte

Pickleball’s popularity in Charlotte, as well as the rest of the country, has skyrocketed in the past five years as aging baby boomers look for alternatives to high-impact sports like tennis and running.

Court construction at community centers, neighborhoods, and private clubs has struggled to keep up with the growing demand from younger generations. The trend of drawing additional lines on tennis courts to be used for pickleball is growing among tennis facilities.

According to pickleball data provider Pickleheads, there are 26 pickleball courts in Charlotte. Charlotte has shown a virtually unrivaled passion for the sport, resulting in the creation of the first Rally Pickleball Complex in the area. 

It should come as no surprise that more individuals are becoming interested in playing this thrilling game, given that Charlotte is also home to events of a world-class caliber. For example, it has housed major sports teams like the Carolina Panthers, and the Charlotte Hornets. As the 15th-largest city in America, it has hosted a number of major events, including the CONCACAF Gold Cup and the CIAA Basketball Tournament.

Places to play pickleball in Charlotte

The following is a list of the best courts in Charlotte, where a growing number of athletes can be found competing at any given time.

A. Popular public courts

  1. Clarks Creek Community Park– This is widely regarded as one of the best spots in Charlotte. There are eight specialized courts with lines and nets that are installed permanently. The location provides conveniences such as bathrooms and water for guests. Another good thing is that the courts don’t charge any fees.
  2. Tuckaseege Rec Center – This is another great location to enjoy pickleball in Charlotte.  There are six hard courts located outside.  Since the lines are layered the same as the tennis court, the net is slightly higher than on a standard pickleball court. The location provides guests with conveniences such as bathrooms and water and does not charge any fees.

B. Popular private courts

  1. Pickle Ball Charlotte (Granite)- This is among the most well-known venues in Charlotte.  There are four outdoor courts. These are specialized courts with markings and nets that are installed permanently. To participate, one must first become a member. The location provides a variety of amenities, such as consumption options, bathrooms, and water.
  2.  Charlotte Racquet Club North- This Pickleball location has six hard courts located outside. These are specialized courts with lines and nets that are installed permanently. To participate, one must also first become a member. The players are provided access to amenities including a restroom, a gear store, changing rooms, water, and lighting.
  3. Life Time Athletic Charlotte – This has 20 courts, both clay and hard. When playing on the court with overlay lines, the net needs to be slightly higher than it would be for pickleball. Water, lights, a pro store or equipment store, food, and bathrooms are all available to players. 

C. New court openings planned

  1. Rally – The South End of Charlotte will soon have access to Rally’s premier pickleball facilities. You may play pickleball indoors or out, and there are a ton of fantastic amenities, such as tasty seasonal food, lively music, and comfortable seating right near the courts.
  2. Pickleball Charlotte (Ballantyne) – 7 indoor courts are available here, with an additional 3 outdoor courts set to open in 2023. The Ballantyne neighborhood will be the site of this soon-to-open facility. It will feature specialized courts, change rooms with showers, a café, a complete pro shop, a fitness area training grounds with a banquet, and more.
  3. Charlotte Squash Club Pickleball – It has seven outdoor courts available. The lines and nets on these courts are installed permanently.  You will need a membership to access the game, food courts, and bathrooms.

As a result of popular demand, many local parks and recreation centers have converted their tennis courts into pickleball venues. Pickleball is a fun and inexpensive option to expand your summer leisure activities. So, this will be a fun and worth it game to do, especially when you do it in Charlotte.