Personalized Birthday Gift Ideas for Teens


It can be difficult to shop for teenagers. Their preferences and interests seem to change on a week-to-week basis, making it almost impossible to stay up to date on what they like. They are still struggling to find their identity, so one of the best ways to go about gift shopping for a teenager is to make them a customized product. Below are just a few personalized gifts for you to get inspiration from. 

Custom Phone Case 

Teenagers love their phones. In fact, chances are, your teenager already has a wide variety of phone cases that they mix and match, often switching out and accessorizing with their current outfit. 

It’s easy to find custom phone case manufacturers. These manufacturers can put any image or word you want on the phone case. Find out what your teenager is interested in and create a custom phone case, and sometimes it’s enough to simply put the kid’s name on the phone case. Sometimes simplicity is better. 

Customized Blankets 

Children love blankets, but teenagers love them too. A customized blanket is a great way to give a teen a comfort item that is designed just for them. Find a simple pattern that they like and put their name in the corner of the blanket. Now your teenager has a blanket that they know is only theirs. 

Personalized Tote Bags 

Teenagers are always on the go. This means they need a way to carry their belongings in a convenient and practical way. Luggage isn’t needed because teens rarely spend an extended period away from home. Tote bags are perfect for them. 

Begin with a basic template, add a design, and add a custom message or name to the bag. This is perfect because a teen can put all their favorite possessions in the tote bag and carry it to school, on field trips, or even to a friend’s house for an overnight trip. 

Customize their Ear Bud Case 

Air pods and other wireless earbuds are extremely popular for teens right now. Chances are that your kid already has a set of earbuds. It’s easy to have someone customize their charging pack. You can go simply, just adding their name to the case. It’s a cheap, affordable gift, and your teen will absolutely love that their earbuds case has a way to stand out from others’ cases. 

Custom Tumblers 

Home vinyl printing is extremely popular right now, and tumblers are one of the most commonly decorated items. It’s easy to find a local vinyl printer that can create a beautiful tumbler with a custom design. The vinyl printer likely has a long list of templates for you to choose from, and you can customize that template exactly how you want, adding your own images and words as you see fit. 

Customized Items are Great for Teens 

Teens love projecting their own identities. This is why customized items make the perfect gift for any occasion. Other items that you can customize are backpacks, makeup bags, robes, and journals. Any of these items are sure to make your teen smile when you hand them to them. For more gift inspiration, you can check Artfia, they make some of the best personalized gifts Australia has to offer.