People Are Flooding Union County To Earn Instagram Gold In This Field of Sunflowers


Instagrammers from across the Charlotte region are now flocking to one of the most picturesque sights ever seen on the internet – a sprawling field of giant sunflowers in full bloom.

The Instagram trend started to take off this past Saturday when a popular quilt maker uploaded a picture of her daughter in front of the field off Providence Road in Union County;

The post received over 300 likes and caused a ripple effect among viral hungry Instagrammers who began to flock to the private field to attempt to capture some Instagram gold;

I’ve found my happy place. 🌻

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There’s just one problem…

The field is owned by a private landowner who has posted no-trespassing signs all around the property.

Have you seen the magical field of sunflowers?

What do you think about the latest location craze?