Panthers WR Devin Funchess Partners With PETA In New Ad Campaign


Carolina Panthers wide receiver Devin Funchess has just decided to partner with PETA to tell people not to chain their dogs outside, telling dog owners instead to treat them like members of the family.

In a new online ad, Funchess states, “To people out there [who] chain their dogs and leave them out there in the sun and extreme weather conditions, compassion is what [you] need. You should just bring ’em inside and love on ’em, play with them. Neglecting and chaining … your dog doesn’t make you tough.”

In addition to the video ad, PETA will also put up a billboard in Charlotte near the Panthers’ headquarters and a radio PSA in which Funchess tells fans to report any chained dogs they see to authorities.

Funchess is part of a growing list of athletes and other celebrities—including Jarvis Landry, Ryan Tannehill, Chris Culliver, Tyrann Mathieu, Tony Gonzalez, Stevie Johnson, Brandon Flowers, Terrell Suggs, Lance Briggs, and many others—who’ve partnered with PETA.

What are your thoughts about the new ad? 

Do you think it’s wrong to chain a dog outside?