Panthers Showed Incredible Creativity and Defensive Dominance In 37-26 Win Against The Bucs


Yesterday the Carolina Panthers chalked up their 4th win in a row during their first away game in London against the Tampa Bay Bucs.

The 37-26 win was the result of our dominating defense our offense showing impressive creativity to put points on the board – and a refreshing departure from a sole reliance on McCaffrey.

The Carolina defense forced a total of 7 turnovers, compared to the Bucs measly 1, and the Panthers were able to capitalize on most of them, scoring a total of 20 points off our forced fumbles and interceptions.

The game put Kyle Allen in the record books as the first QB in NFL history to win his first 5 starting games without throwing 1 interception;

During the game, the Panthers also performed one of the NFL’s only “fair catch free kick,” which hasn’t been attempted since Phil Dawson tried it unsuccessfully for the 49ers in 2013. The last time the move was successfully converted was 1976.

The extremely rare “fair catch free kick” is available as an option after a team fair catches a punt, then decides to send out its kicker. When this is done, the defense isn’t allowed to rush the kick on the next play. If the kick goes through the uprights, it counts for three points just like any other field goal.

Here is a full recap of our 4th win of the season;

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