Panthers Remove Statue of Founder Jerry Richardson in Front of Bank of America Stadium


The Panthers have just removed the statue of founder Jerry Richardson from in front of the Bank of America Stadium.

The 13′ tall statue stood outside of the North Gate along Graham St. and was initially erected in 2016.

The following video shows construction crews removing the statue yesterday afternoon with a crane:

Jerry Richardson became a sort of hero around town after building the team from the ground up in the 90s, but his legacy ended in disgrace after numerous allegations of sexual misconduct. After an investigation by the NFL, he was fined $2.75 million for his behavior.

Yesterday, the Panthers posted a statement on Twitter about the statues removal, saying that they temporarily moved the monument for its protection.

“We were aware of the most recent conversation surrounding the Jerry Richardson statue and are concerned there may be attempts to take it down. We are moving the statue in the interest of public safety,” the organization said.