Panthers’ Owner David Tepper Just Donated $22 Million To Help Fight COVID-19


Carolina Panthers’ owner David Tepper has just contributed the largest individual donation in the Carolinas to help fight COVID-19.

According to Forbes, the billionaire hedge fund owner made a donation of $22 million to relief efforts for the virus. This is in addition to the $1 million gift he made last month to Charlotte’s COVID-19 Response Fund.

“Generally when you have a [hurricane], people have lost their possessions and everything else, but in a month or so, they’re back to work and there’s rebuilding that’s going on,” Tepper told Forbes. “Here, it’s people losing their ability to make money, and that time period doesn’t have a certain end, which also creates a specific challenge for what you do with any kind of philanthropy… You want to see how long this lasts, what the government response is, but there’s some things you know you need to do now, and some things you know that will not be covered.”

If you’d like to help the relief efforts, you can contribute to the COVID-19 Response Fund, by visiting

Corporations and foundations that wish to make a donation may contact either Catherine Warfield, Senior Vice President of Philanthropic Advancement at FFTC, at 704.973.4515 or; or Clint Hill, Chief Development Officer at United Way of Central Carolinas, at 704.371.6359 or