Panthers, Hornets, and Knights Cut Ties With CPI After Racially Charged Statement From CEO


Five of the biggest sports organizations in the Carolinas have just cut ties with CPI Security after a controversial statement was sent by the CEO of the company.

Last week, Jorge Millares, the director of Queen City Unity sent out a letter to Charlotte’s Mayor, City Council, and several businesses, calling for Police Reform and Social Justice.

Ken Gill, the CEO of CPI Security, then replied to Millares’ letter with the following statement:

“George, Please spend  your time in a more productive way . I challenge your statistics
A better use of time, would be to focus on the black on black crime and senseless killing of our young men by other young men.
Have a great day.
Ken Gill”


Just one day after the email was posted, the Panthers announced they would be ending their marketing relationship with the company, saying:

“Last Saturday, we said we are committed to doing our part and we mean it.

CPI Security has been a long term partner but, upon reflection, we feel that it is right to end our relationship.

We have informed Mr. Gill of our decision tonight.”

Former Panthers running back Jonathan Stewart, who was the spokesman for dozens of CPI commercials, just commented in a tweet, “Bout to switch out CPI security system anyone got recommendations?”

Yesterday, the Charlotte Hornets and the Charlotte Knights both followed the Panthers’ decision:

Outside of Charlotte, the email has also caused NC State and USC to cut their ties with CPI:

CPI Security’s CEO has since issued an apology for his original statement:

What do you think about Gill’s statement?