Panther’s Center Ryan Kalil Just Made A Hilarious Parody Of Cam’s ‘Birthday Video’


Panthers’ legendary center Ryan Kalil just made a hilarious parody of Cam Newton’s ‘birthday video’ and posted it to his new Instagram account ‘ryankalil67‘.

The new video features side-by-side shots of both videos with the original song playing over both (with a couple timely edits).

Watch it here:

Cam forgot to invite us to his birthday getaway so we didn’t invite him on our camping trip. #WeHadMoreFun

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Cam originally posted his now infamous ‘birthday video’ on his Facebook page May 11th with the caption:

į THÅNK GØD för thįš DÅŸ❕
»Ł1VË x ŁØVË x ₽RÅŸ« (rëpëât)
#iWmW -1OVE

Thank God for this day
Live x Love x Pray (repeat)
#iWmW – 1 Love