Panther Star Luke Kuechly Surprised Kids With Unforgettable Shopping Spree


Yesterday, 10 young Charlotte-area football players were got the surprise of a lifetime when Panther’s linebacker Luke Kuechly took them on a surprise shopping spree.

Kuechly met them at the SouthPark Malls’ DICK’s Sporting Goods, where he started off with a round of high-fives, then gave each kid a $100 gift card, and started shopping with them;

The event was organized by the youth charitable organization “Most Valuable Kids”, and the kids were selected from a group that will be attending Panthers’ running back Jonathan Stewart’s ProCamp this weekend.

While people may think the kids’ receive the best experience, Kuechly noted that it’s just as fun to be on the other side.

“I think with kids you see very real emotion, how excited they’ll be so I’m sure they’re excited to get some cool gear here at Dicks but when those kids faces light up I think it’s even cooler for us and other guys on the team to see that kind of stuff,” Kuechly commented.

Keep up the good work Luke!