Owning a property in Dubai Hills – what it feels like


In 2021 Dubai Hills has made it into the top 3 popular areas for renting and buying villas according to the data provided by the Dubai Land Department. However, recent increased interest to buying an apartments in Dubai Hills has been spurred not only in the sphere of living but in the sphere of investment as well. Not surprising since the district is unofficially recognized as the most ecological area due to the abundance of lavish parks and lush greenery. Comfortable houses of shining beauty, moderate prices, peaceful atmosphere, and natural aesthetics may be considered as the most accurate characteristics of the community. 

About Dubai Hills in numbers 

Abstract descriptions of the community are not enough to see the whole picture of the place you are going to live a happy life. To eliminate all the insecurities in terms of future purchase, let`s look at Dubai Hills in terms of precise data. 

  • The large project of more than 11 million square feet will be home to more than 100,000 residents in more than 30 neighborhoods when all phases of construction are completed.
  • The community is situated not far from the centre of Dubai and the marina. It includes 18-hole golf course, 1,450,000 m² of green space, 282,000 m² of shopping center, 54 km of bicycle route, 2 subway lines, 3 schools and 3 office centers. 
  • Apartments are available in configurations ranging from 1 to 4 bedrooms. However, the area is better known as one of the best villa communities in Dubai: interested buyers and renters will find villas here in configurations of 3 to 7 bedrooms. Other property types in the area include townhouses, luxury mansions and even building plots.
  • A wide range of apartments is available, starting from AED 1,666,888 up to AED 6,600,000 depending on the square footage, number of bedrooms, and other features.  
  • It takes only 10 minutes to get from here to the main attractions, entertainment and shopping centers and the International Airport.

Studying the figures, it becomes obvious why thousands of investors, young professionals, motivated workers, and even families move to the community for permanent residence. 

Impressive attractions of Dubai Hills

Intending to invest in real estate in Dubai Hills, everyone may contemplate on what the area can offer. Staying every minute of the day at home or at work prevents people from exploring breathtaking spots of the surrounding world. It is better to start from the very beginning and acquaint yourself with local entertainment.

  1. Dubai Hills Mall. The building represents a huge retail, leisure, and entertainment complex. There are more than 650 shops of various types and restaurants serving different cuisines. A huge 6,500-square-meter hypermarket has already opened. Right inside the building there are small park areas, allowing shoppers to take a break from shopping directly in nature. The developer also plans to soon complete a large concert venue and a multiplex with 17 cinemas.
  2. Dubai Hills Golf Club. Another hallmark of the area is the golf club and the adjacent 18-hole course with a total area of 1.2 million square meters. Dubai Hills Golf Club has been named the Abu Dhabi World Golf Awards 2019, as well as the United Arab Emirates Golf Course of the Year 2021. Fans of this sport will be amazed to become a part of a famous community. 
  3. Dubai Mall and Oasis Centre. The most popular shopping centers are only a 15-minute drive. Relative distancing from the huge epicenters of crowds reduces noise level and gives the possibility to live a secluded tranquil life. 

About property in Dubai Hills on the whole  

Although the design of the project was finished in 2013, the construction and development of the locality is still in process. Still, Dubai Hills affects deeply with the abundance of shiny residential complexes with stylish apartments to every taste at affordable prices. Visit https://www.axcapital.ae/ to explore more beneficial offers and experience the extreme allurement of the community. To avoid mistakes and rash decisions in the process of buying, address professionals. A qualified team with rich experience will give rational advice on a perfect deal.