Outsourcing Corporate Relocation: Here’s Why Successful Companies Do It


Employee relocation might seem like a relatively simple process in today’s world, especially with so much of the workforce being remote-based. It seems like employees can just pack up and work from wherever, right? Well not exactly, there’s still a lot of the old considerations, and a lot of new ones in the post-pandemic world.

Many companies have turned to professional relocation services, as it’s a viable choice when you’d rather experts deal with all the logistics. In this article, we’ll go through a few reasons why successful companies would rather use corporate relocation services. 

Policy and logistics handled with experience

The expert understanding of experienced corporate relocation companies like ARC Relocation is a key reason why companies are outsourcing. These top-rated companies provide a broad variety of management relocation services as well as extensive global coverage.

Relocation policy consulting is best handled by experienced relocation providers who have the expertise and knowledge of best practices, as well as the tax and regulatory requirements. This knowledge may assist businesses to ensure that their policies are as competitive and cost-effective as possible, allowing them to focus on their most important business objectives.

If you can manage relocation right now, you’re likely to be able to handle other personnel duties in your department, such as recruiting, onboarding, and training. It’s difficult to be an expert on all of those topics while juggling so many responsibilities.

You and your transfer team will not have to worry about becoming relocation experts with the aid of the RMC, as the RMC has highly qualified specialists to guarantee that your program runs as smoothly as possible.

A smooth experience for the employee

Employee relocation isn’t just a hurdle for companies, it’s also a burden for the employee. It’s a good idea to share some stress-free relocation tips with your employees, and also check in on them during the process, to get feedback on their experience and how the relocation service company is handling everything.

You don’t want employees regretting their decision to move hundreds of miles, and a good relocation service will make the logistics as comfortable for your employees as well as your company.

Relocation services are like concierges

If your company does not handle a high number of relocations, you will not be able to take advantage of the significant discounts that relocation managers enjoy.

However, the cost isn’t the only factor. Services not only save money, but they also come with warranties that assure a high-quality moving experience. They may also offer the most cost-effective solutions while bringing tax and legal knowledge to the table.

But what about the expenses you incur when you relocate? If you haven’t priced them in a long time, your assumptions may be obsolete. Traditional relocation managers may charge you for any service, while today’s technology-focused businesses only charge one license fee each relocation.

It is feasible to create rules using tech-based relocation programs that allow employees to spend their relocation money on benefits. They provide direct access to approved sources as well as advice on how to get the most out of them. These features are not only cost-effective, but they also contribute to smoother relocations and happier employees.

How to Partner with a Relocation Management Company

If you decide to engage with a third-party provider to design your relocation program, it’s critical that your organization’s top management understands exactly what you’re looking for in a partner RMC.

To begin, make a checklist for this service that includes your top priorities.

  • How much can a cost-effective relocation package add to the worth of your company?
  • What impact does your decision on who you’ll eventually partner with have on potential cost savings?
  • In the next three to five years, how many moves do you expect to facilitate?
  • Will the bulk of these personnel be relocated within your country, or will some be sent abroad?