One of The Largest Old-Growth Forests With 400 Year Old Trees Is A Short Drive From Charlotte


About 3 hours west of Charlotte stands one of the most pristine old-growth forests in America. The Joyce Kilmer Memorial Forest contains over 100 different tree species, including some trees that are over 400 years old and stand over 100 feet tall.

The sprawling 3,800-acre forest was originally set aside in 1936 as a protected national forest in memorial to the author of the poem “Trees,” Joyce Kilmer, who was killed while fighting for the Allies in World War 1.

The trees aren’t just old and tall, some are also over 20 feet in circumference;


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Lucky to spend time with some really special trees today

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The park includes a 2 mile walking trail that crosses a moss covered bridge and a waterfall;


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Joyce Kilmer Memorial Forest sits in the heart of the Smokey Mountains in Robbinsville, NC 28771.

It’s open year-round and admission to the park is free.

You can check out more about the park Learn more at this here on the US National Forest Service’s website.




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