One Of America’s Largest Water Parks Now Being Built In North Carolina


h2obxwaterpark-largest-water-parkConstruction is almost finished on a $46 million water park on North Carolina’s Outer Banks – a park that will become one of the country’s largest.

Theme park experts are saying that it will also be one of the world’s most innovatively designed.

According to their press release, “H20BX will deliver more than 30 waterslides and attractions, combining several first-to-market and enhanced slides and experiences. Waterslides will offer various degrees of thrills, lengths, drops, turns and intensity. Guests will be able to ride the waves on a Flowrider®, float along an adventure river and stand under an exhilarating 1,000-gallon bucket dump. And that’s where the traditional, preferred attractions end and an advanced waterpark blueprint begins.”

The new water park will include:

  • FlowRider®, Surfing Simulator
  • Twin Tides dual entry Wave Pool
  • 30,000 square foot Action Wave Pool
  • Adventure Lagoon featuring balance, climb and crawl across floats and structures
  • Two high-speed Colorado Drop tube rides over 500 feet long and 71 feet long
  • 90-foot tall Aqua Drop launch capsule free fall slide
  • 90-foot tall Flat Line Loop body slides with launch capsule translucent fiberglass
  • 50-foot drop Boomerango inner tube ride wall stall and Aqua Lucent lighting
  • SuperBowl thrill ride with Aqua Lucent lighting and open bowl with a distinctive sawtooth edge
  • 500-foot long Constrictor slide featuring high-speed tight turns
  • 500-foot long Boomerango family raft ride with drops, weightless wall and zero gravity hump
  • 540-foot long family raft ride over 540 feet long with open and enclosed sections and Aqua Lucent lighting
  • Five Kid’s body and tube slides offering turns and loops
  • Pirate themed aqua play structure with more than 70 interactive features and seven slides including the Champagne Bowl body slide

It will be located on 80 acres of land, three miles north of the Currituck Bridge, which many consider to be the northern gateway to the Outer Banks. 

The park now expects to create over 200 full-time and seasonal jobs, according to developers.

H2OBX Waterpark is now expected to open later this summer.