Old Man Caught On Video Driving Wheel Chair Down Charlotte Highway During Winter Storm Helena


A lot of people might wonder why it’s so dangerous to drive down snowy roads in the south.

Some saw it’s because we don’t have as many plow trucks as the north. Others say it’s because southern drivers aren’t used to driving in the snow.

I say it’s because of people like this:

Robbie Hodge uploaded his dash-cam video to his YouTube channel at around 6pm this evening. In the description of his video, he noted, “I saw traffic slowing down ahead.. great another wreck. Nope! Just a guy riding a motorized wheel chair down a major road. The speed limit here is 55(most go 65!) He was doing a solid 5.5mph.

Scott Miller originally spotted him at the intersection of Farm pond and Albemarle Rd.;

and Yolanda Pender spotted him near Eastway Blvd.

With 5-8 inches of snow now predicted for the Charlotte region, I wouldn’t be surprised if things got even crazier.

If you happen to catch any interesting pictures or videos during this weekend’s storm, please Email them to me at Scott@CharlotteStories.com or tag #CLTStories on Instagram or Twitter – we might feature it in an upcoming story!