NSYNC’s Lance Bass Joins Charlotte Grocery Start-Up ‘Shopii’


Iconic boy band singer Lance Bass of NSYNC just became a major investor in a small grocery start-up called ‘Grocery Shopii’, based in the Charlotte suburb of Davidson. The multi-million dollar investment was made on today’s episode of the realty show Unicorn Hunters (similar to Shark Tank).

“Grocery Shopii is a company that I believe in because it’s changing the way grocery shopping is done, leveraging data and machine learning to provide value to grocers and convenience to people who love to cook- like me,” said NSYNC’s Lance Bass. “I am thrilled to be a part of this groundbreaking series that is transforming the way founders get funding and people invest. It’s so gratifying to see founders pitch their companies to millions of potential investors around the world who now have the opportunity to learn, invest, and potentially build wealth.”

Grocery Shopii is a B2B shopping platform that allows small and mid-size grocery stores to offer seamless, white-label integration into their existing eCommerce platforms. A combination of machine learning and automation allows consumers to meal plan and grocery shop with personalized recipe recommendations from top bloggers and culinary authorities.

“The idea behind Grocery Shopii is to meet consumers where they are — which is searching online for recipes before grocery shopping — while helping independent grocers combat cart abandonment and other pitfalls of the online shopping experience,” said Katie Hotze, Founder and CEO of Grocery Shopii. “We’ve harnessed machine learning and thoughtful automation to help deliver personalized recipes and ingredient suggestions, making shopping for groceries online more convenient and faster than ever.”

You can watch the full Grocery Shopii episode here: