This Is Officially The Grossest Food In North Carolina


One of North Carolina’s most legendary dishes was ranked by Thrillist as the “grossest” food, which is honestly hard to deny when you consider what’s in it.

Livermush, the North Carolina staple, was ranked as our state’s grosses, primarily due to it’s ingredients, as well as how it looks, and smells, and tastes:

According to the writers at Thrillist, “it never had a chance. It’s called… livermush…And shockingly, livermush is not grosser than the sum of its parts. Pig liver, head parts, and cornmeal make up these little bars that look like burnt Pop-Tarts. It might be a southern staple, but from the outside looking in, it’s the world’s most nauseating door stop.”

They also named the grossest food in South Carolina “chitterlings“. I gotta admit, I’ve eaten a livermush sandwich before, and did kinda enjoy it, but chitterlings are crossing the line for me.

“Oh, whatever. You eat intestines when you eat hot dogs. So why do outsiders wince when they’re served up alongside delicious Lowcountry fare (and also in most legit soul food joints)? Oh, right. Because their straight-up intestines, fried or boiled.”

Have you ever had Livermush or chitterlings before? 

Do you think they should be considered the grossest food in the Carolinas?