North Carolinians Believe They Will Live Longer Than Most Americans


A new study has found that the average North Carolinian believes they will live until the age of 79 – a full year above the state average* (78), and 1 year above the national life expectancy. Turns out, people in The Tar Heel State are among the most optimistic in America about their longevity.

When you delve a bit deeper, there are actually several reasons that North Carolinians may be justified in being confident of surpassing their state life expectancy: North Carolina has a higher-than-average number of hospitals and healthcare facilities, which provide residents with access to quality medical care. Additionally, the state has implemented programs aimed at promoting healthy lifestyles, such as encouraging physical activity and healthy eating, which has helped to reduce the prevalence of chronic diseases like obesity and heart disease. These factors, combined with North Carolina’s relatively low poverty rate and high median household income, have contributed to the state’s higher-than-average life expectancy.

Nationally, however, Americans predict they will live for 2 years longer than the average life expectancy of 78, at 80 years old.

Broken down by state, the 2023 Hello Pharmacist report found that Rhode Islanders and Nevadans were equally the most optimistic about their longevity, saying they think they will live for 6 years above the state average (79.4 in Rhode Island, and 78.1 in Nevada), thus living to a ripe old age of 85 and 84. And New Mexicans were the least optimistic.