North Carolina’s Road Accidents Among The Highest In The US


The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration revealed that 1,412 people died in separate car crashes within North Carolina in 2017 alone. Based on the report, 71 of these car crashes took place in Charlotte, with 74 people affected. The same situations are still happening today. This August 2019, 4 people died in a car crash in Wilkinson Boulevard when a speeding motorcyclist named David Wooten collided with a car that was making a U-turn. Wooten and three of the car’s passengers were killed on the spot. The other fatalities include Benjamin Vasquez, Claudia Leann Gray, and Hanna Michele Brotherton.

According to the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Polic Department, both Vasquez and Brotherton were not wearing their seat belts. These situations led the state government to launch the “Speed A Little, Lose A Lot” campaign to prevent another death on the road due to over-speeding. Fatal crashes can be prevented by remembering several road safety tips.

Check All Safety Features When Buying New Or Used Cars

Whether you are purchasing a new or used vehicle through a car loan or personal savings, you must always inspect all the safety features first before making the deal. Based on a report from a survey, there are more safety features nowadays that should be present in a car to ensure your safety. These features include the adaptive cruise control (ACC) system that can be activated during an impending collision. The car must also have the Automatic Emergency Braking system.  It will allow the car to brake on its own when a driver cannot react as quickly as possible. A rear-view camera is also needed to allow the driver to see what is behind the vehicle at all times. It would also help if you will get car insurance for added protection for you and the vehicle.

According to AutoPay Car Loans Review for 2019, those who are applying for car loans can avail of guaranteed asset protection (GAP) insurance. This will cover the loan amount in case of a total loss due to accidents and other related incidents. Because of this, you will no longer have to think about paying for your car loan while spending on your medical expenses during a car accident.

Always Keep The NC Traffic Rules in Mind 

Aside from maintaining a safe driving speed and wearing the seat belt, there are several rules in North Carolina that you must always follow. For example, motorists must always honk their horn whenever a pedestrian tries to cross against a light. When the pedestrian chooses not to stop after the driver blasted his horn, the vehicle needs to stop to allow the pedestrian to cross. The state also requires all traffic to stop whenever school bus loads or unloads children. Also, you must always remember not to attempt taking a right turn at an intersection when the red arrow is flashing, unless you see a sign that allows you to do it.

These are just some of the rules that are made to keep both the drivers and pedestrians safe from any possible road accidents. The state implements these to lessen the number of fatal car crashes. By remembering these tips, you will reduce the risks of encountering a road mishap while driving in North Carolina and across the country.