North Carolina’s DMV Adds ‘In God We Trust’ to License Plates

North Carolina’s DMV has just introduced a new license plate choice which includes the phrase “In God We Trust“.
The new plate choice will be added to the current two standard-issue choices of “First in Flight” and “First in Freedom”.
“We are excited to offer this new additional plate to customers as part of our continued effort to maintain the highest level of customer service,” said NCDMV Commissioner Torre J. Jessup. ​“This plate will allow our customers more options to choose from.” 
The new national/state motto registration plate will include the United States motto, “In God We Trust” printed at the top of the plate above all other letters and numbers and the state motto, “To Be Rather Than To Seem.”

Current vehicle owners can now request the new plate option at no additional charge when they renew their vehicle’s registration.

What do you think about the new license plates?