North Carolina Ranks Among The Best States for Remote Job Seekers

With the pandemic forcing many of us to work remotely, a new study shows remote jobs will grow 16% by 2028 and North Carolina is the No. 15 best overall state for remote job seekers.
Remote work grew 30% in the past decade and while some saw it as a tech industry and millennial fad, coronavirus forced many traditional businesses to adopt it. Even as we seek a return to normalcy, more companies will continue to hire remotely making it critical for job seekers to know where and how to get these jobs.
CareerCloud released a study on the Best and Worst States for Remote Job Seekers using the most recent data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and Census Bureau. The rankings were determined by analyzing three metrics in each state: current remote job opportunities, projected growth rates in these jobs through 2028, and broadband access.
North Carolina received the No. 15 overall ranking based on how the state fared, relative to other states, in each of the three categories: No. 18 most remote friendly jobs; No. 17 for growth rate in remote jobs by 2028, and No. 31 for broadband access.