North Carolina Ranked Among The Best States at Waste Management


It’s the most wonderful time of the year — and the trashiest, too.

Between Thanksgiving and New Year’s, Americans throw away up to 63.3 pounds of garbage per week — compared with the 34.3 pounds each person discards in a typical week.

Which states do the finest job of cleaning it all up, responsibly?

With the holiday season in full swing, LawnStarter ranked 2023’s Best States at Managing Waste.

North Carolina ranked 13th overall and South Carolina ranked 27th.

North Carolina’s Rank in Some Key Metrics (1st = Best)

  • Plastic Bag Bans Present – 12th
  • Recycling Facilities per 100,000 Residents – 10th
  • Share of Production-Related Waste Recycled – 11th
  • Tons of Waste in Landfills by State Surface Area – 33rd

To come up with our ranking, they compared the 50 states based on their waste-reducing policies, infrastructure, waste production, and recycling rates.

Their full ranking and analysis are available here: