This North Carolina Pastor Has Been Charged With Terrorism Abroad


north-carolina-pastor-andrew-brunson-arrested-for-terrorismA North Carolina pastor has been charged in Turkey with terrorism abroad – if convicted, he could face several years in prison.

North Carolina senators Thom Tillis and Richard Burr recently sent a letter, signed by 78 members of the US Congress, directly to the Turkish president requesting Andrew Brunson’s immediate release and deportation back to the United States.

The letter reads, “Mr. Brunson has worked peacefully in Turkey since 1993. There appears to be no evidence to substantiate the charges against him for membership in an armed terrorist organization.”

It goes on to talk about the ‘close partnership’ between the US and Turkey, and says: ‘Now is the time for our countries to reaffirm respect for fundamental freedoms and the rule of law while reasserting our shared commitment to addressing security challenges through partnerships and cooperation.

In addition to the letter sent by the US Congress, there is also a growing petition to free the North Carolina pastor that’s received over 200,000 signatures, as well as a petition, pleading with President Trump to take action on Pastor Brunson’s behalf.

On April 26th, Norine Brunson, Andrew’s wife post this to their Facebook page.

Pastor Brunson was initially arrested on October 7th, 2016 – it’s now been over a year and a half since Andrew was initially detained in Turkey for an unsubstantiated charge of terrorism.

You can sign the ACLJ petition here – or the petition asking President Trump to take action here.

You can follow the latest developments on the Brunson’s Facebook page here.

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