North Carolina Parents Advised to Protect Kids During Heatwave


With some reports claiming that North Carolina could see a heatwave that extends beyond the 4th of July celebrations, parents are reminded to ensure their children are properly protected. While parents tend to put plenty of high-factor sunblock on their children when heading on vacation, many forget that UV rays can also affect their kids on their own doorstep.

While UV rays from the sun are damaging for people of all ages, children can be particularly susceptible because of their sensitive and delicate skin. It is important for parents to educate themselves about how best to keep their children protected during the heatwave as well as when heading on vacation to hot and sunny destinations.

Protecting Your Kids at Home

Over the summer months, a lot of kids across North Carolina will be spending lots of time outdoors. During the summer holidays, many will go on outings and excursions with their parents or even spend a lot more time in the garden. Parents are advised to look at the variety of ways in which they can protect their children from the intense and potentially harmful UV rays from the sun.

In addition to making sure that their children have suitable high-factor sunblock on during their time outdoors, parents also need to provide plenty of shade. Investing in an awning for the garden from can help provide a shaded area to place garden furniture so the kids can spend time outdoors safely. In addition, making sure they wear hats or baseball caps can help to shade their faces from the sun as well as protecting their scalp and head from the heat.

Another thing that parents are advised to be mindful of is fluid levels for their child. As with adults, increased perspiration during the summer months means that children will become dehydrated far more quickly and easily. Parents are advised to ensure their children drink lots of water, which will help to keep them hydrated. Fruit juice and juice drinks can also be given but at moderate levels.

With very young children, it is important to keep them out of the sun during the hottest times of the day, which is often midday and early afternoon. This is the time when youngsters are more likely to be affected by the sun and are at increased risk of sunburn. When there are overcast days during the summer months, parents should not be lulled into a false sense of security. Protection for children – and for the parents themselves – should still be used as UV rays can penetrate the cloud cover and still pose a risk.

Finding Suitable Products

When it comes to products such as sunblock, there are special ones that are designed especially for children. These are the ones parents should be looking to purchase, as they offer a far higher level of protection designed for the sensitive skin of children. Sunblock should also be reapplied every so often as directed to ensure the child gets protection throughout the day.