NC Looking To Hire 20 New Wildlife Officers – The Wildest Job in Our State


The North Carolina Wildlife Resource Commission is now looking to hire at least 20 new ‘Wildlife Law Enforcement Officers’. What they deem to be one of the most exciting jobs in the state.

Wildlife officer’s primary duties include enforcing state and federal game, fish, and boating laws throughout the fields, forests, and waterways across our state, in automobiles, in boats, on ATVs, and on foot.

Starting salaries of officers range from $32,369 to $59,715 per year, plus full benefits.

To be considered for an officer position, you must have:

  • a valid NC Driver’s License.
  •  The employee must successfully complete the 2018 NC Wildlife Basic Law Enforcement Training (BLET) and be able to be certified as a law enforcement officer by the NC Criminal Justice Education and Training Standards Commission within one year of employment.
  • Demonstrate a 10th grade reading comprehension level to be sworn as a law enforcement officer in North Carolina: Never have committed or been convicted of a felony.
  • Never have committed or convicted of certain misdemeanors within five years of date of application.
  • Degrees must be from appropriately accredited institutions