North Carolina Is Now 1 of 3 Finalists For Toyota and Mazda’s New $1.6 Billion Joint Facility


It’s now being reported that North Carolina is one of the top finalists for a massive new auto facility.

The competition to land the $1.6 billion dual Toyota-Mazda plant is down to 3 southeastern states, according to

Mark Peterson, president Intersect Illinois, said his sources tell him Illinois is not among the finalists, but that three southern states are. “In this case, the three states I am told are still in the running are all right-to-work states,” Peterson said.

We reported back in August that Toyota Motor Corp. and Mazda Motor Corp. will be joining forces to build one of America’s largest production facilities, capable of producing 300,000 new vehicles every year (mostly electric). The new plant will cost an estimated $1.6 billion and would employ over 4,000 people.