North Carolina Man Has Face-To-Face Encounter With Bigfoot Over The Weekend


An incredible new bigfoot encounter was reported this past weekend in the woods of North Carolina by a team of bigfoot hunters.

Due to the detailed nature of the encounter, and multiple eyewitnesses, this sighting seems especially interesting (almost as significant as the video footage of bigfoot captured last year by a Cleaveland County man).

Several local news stations and even MSN have now reported on the sighting.

The shocking discovery occurred at about 11pm this past Friday in McDowell County (about an hour and a half NorthWest of Charlotte).

Here is John E. Bruner’s eyewitness account, which he posted to the private Facebook group ‘Bigfoot911’ on Saturday:

“We did an expedition last night at research area # 1 and we hit pay dirt, we had 3 teams in the woods and I had deployed glow sticks at various places in the area, One of the teams had walked up to where I was stationed, we began hearing movement off to our right maybe 3 steps at a time, there was a glow stick about 30 yards from where we were, we heard a whistle I looked up at the glow stick and it disappearded then came back into view, the angle of the moon was shining straight down on the road and something big stepped into view, I turned my headlamp on and I saw a large bi-pedal animal covered in hair, it took 1 step into the woods, I took off running toward where it went into the woods, I entered the woods about 50 yards and stopped to listen, I didnt hear anything, I scanned the woods with my light It was standing 30 yards to my right with its right hand on a tree that had been broken off 9 feet above the ground, Its face was solid black no hair on it, the hair looked shaggy all over, it turned and took 5 steps and was at the bottom of the hill, probally 30 yards I could see the gludeous maximas flexing with each step, we tracked it as far as we could never saw anything else, on the way out of the woods kept having rocks thrown at us. wow what a night.”

Throwing glow sticks is a common practice used by bigfoot hunters as many claim that glow sticks intrigue the creature and are often picked up and carried into the woods.

Another member of the group, Shana McKinney, posted several photos from Friday night, showing trees they claim were knocked down by bigfoot,


and several large rocks that were ‘thrown at the crew’ by the creature;


In commenting about the rocks, Shana noted, “These rocks are what we found. They were not in the right environment, you don’t usually see big river rocks in the middle of the woods.”

Bigfoot 911 is one of a handful of groups around the country that regularly investigates reports of Bigfoot sightings, holds community meetings, and organizes the occasional bigfoot hunt.

While there is an abundance of eyewitness accounts, blurry photos, and mysterious footprints, there has yet to be any concrete evidence collected by bigfoot hunters, which is why the search continues and seems to be intensifying.

Bruner will never deny what he saw this past Friday night, and will now undoubtedly spend more time attempting to collect concrete proof of the creature that he already knows exists.

What do you think about bigfoot? 

Have you ever spotted the elusive creature?