North Carolina Couple Just Got Married On The Tallest and Fastest Giga Coaster in the World


couple got married on Fury 325 roller coasterJames Music and Cortni Bryant decided to relive their first date on their wedding day – and turn their favorite roller coaster into a wedding chapel.

James met Cortni in high school and took her to Carowinds for their first date.

“The first thing we did was ride Fury 325 and I had ridden it before but the ride was just so amazing and we just couldn’t get enough of it. We would get off and get right back in line again,” Cortni commented.

They loved it so much that they ended up riding it a total of 12 times before the park closed and they were asked to leave.

As soon as they got engaged they started joking about what it would be like to get married at Carowinds…James then decided to see if it was possible.

This week they made history by becoming the first couple to say “I do” on the tallest and fastest giga coaster in the world:

The whole wedding party joined the couple on their private train, with James, Cortni, and their minister sitting up front to exchange vows and say their “I dos”.

Carowinds has stated that although it’s now the fastest wedding every to take place at the park, it wasn’t the first on a roller coaster – they’ve also hosted weddings on the Thunder Road rollercoaster and Borg rollercoaster (which is now called Nighthawk).



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