North Carolina Company Giving Away Free ‘Hug-A-Hero’ Dolls To Kids of Deployed Troops


One truly inspiring North Carolina company is now ‘reuniting’ deployed veterans with their children through a heart-warming new idea called the “hug-a-hero” doll.

Jacksonville, NC based Dyal Studios just launched a giveaway after hearing about the thousands of NC troops being deployed to the middle east earlier this month.

The giveaway includes 1 free doll to a military family each week for the next 12 weeks;

This short video shows the incredible joy that can come from a little girl seeing a picture of her ‘dada’ on a huggable doll;

Earlier this week, after hearing about the incredible new concept, one realtor decided to donate $5,000 for more dolls, and challenged all her realtor friends to do the same;

If you’d like to purchase a “hug-a-hero” doll for a military family you know, of if you’d like to start a new campaign or giveaway here in Charlotte, you can find out how to get started on