Declassified Government Documents Show That North Carolina Was Almost Nuked In 1961



59 years ago North Carolina was almost nuked…by accident. If one tiny switch worked properly, there would now be a massive crater in the center of North Carolina.

PBS released this short video about the incident:

This original government documentnorth-carolina-almost-nuked, obtained under the Freedom of Information Act, shows the first definitive proof that the US government almost detonated 2 hydrogen bombs over Goldsboro, NC on Jan. 23rd, 1961.

The bombs fell out of the government’s B-52 after it fell apart in mid-air. One of the bombs began its detonation sequence as it was falling, but due to a tiny switch not working properly, the largest nuclear disaster in US history was avoided.

1961-goldsboro-m39Each bomb had a total payload of 4 megatons – equivalent to about 4 million tons of TNT.

If the bomb had worked properly and detonated, lethal fallout could have spread as far as Washington, Baltimore, Philadelphia and even up to New York city – putting countless lives at risk.

The state of North Carolina has even erected a historical road marker in the town of Eureka, 3 miles north of the crash site, commemorating the crash with a sign that reads “Nuclear Mishap.”

North Carolina would certainly be a different state if one tiny little switch worked properly.