New Zealand Banking System: Top Banks on the Market


The New Zealand banking system has created one of the best financial sectors providing high-quality services for Kiwis. The providers in this sector comprise of registered banks, insurance companies, non-bank lending institutions and other financial institutions. New Zealand has the Reserve Bank of New Zealand as its Central bank.

 The Central bank is responsible for creating monetary policies, ensuring there is a sound financial system that easily satisfies the currency needs of the general public. The Financial market Infrastructure is very essential as it provides safe routes through which different securities and payments together with other financial transactions can be made and recorded in a way of promoting economic growth and stability in matters of security.

Overview of the New Zealand Banking System

The major industry players are 26 registered banks together with four Australian-owned banks that provided almost $7.89 billion contributions to the New Zealand economy. The banks have played a vital role in providing financial services to its customers like for example the lending services where loans and advances account for 80% of the banking system assets. 

The banking systems here greatly depend on domestic deposits and other offshore countries for funds. The two play a vital role in the provision of lending services for the better provision of financial services.

Top Income Sources for NZ Banks

Banks greatly gain from different financial transactions in the following three main ways:


Loans have been identified as the greatest contributors to the genera income banks are able to receive. Loan services which accumulate some good amounts of interest to the banks make it able for the bank to use the profits received for other activities that may boost the general performance of the bank. Most citizens and other institutions greatly rely on lending or loan services to run their business or other forms of development.

Poli Online Transfers

This is yet another popular means the banks are using to generate income. The banks are able to charge some amount on any transfer made from one account to the other. This is usually common in gambling-related transactions where betting with Poli payment NZ casino is common to players enjoying different times of pokies and card games. 

The transfer mostly involves the transfer of money from one account to the other to enable a gaming activity. Most payments also accrue some charges that are yet another profit for the banks.


The other form of income the banks are able to receive is from the deposits made for various transactions by the customers. Businesses in New Zealand are thriving day in day out, on that note most funds are deposited across the nation to enable the transactions thereby. 

As a result, the banks shall be able to charge some fee which turns to be another source of income to the bank. Online transactions with PayPal including betting or shopping online require that funds be deposited in the bank account to enable any form of business.

Top New Zealand Banks

New Zealand is well recognized for the vast financial system it has. The country which is of healthy financial status has top banks in the market which are greatly helping the natives solve their financial issues in a good and efficient manner. Below is an analysis of the top banks on the New Zealand financial market:

ANZ Bank New Zealand

The ANZ Bank was founded in 2004 and has from the remained a subsidiary of famous Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited. This is one of the great players in the entire banking sector as the 2016 reports indicate that the bank had $ 661 billion and was running a profit of over $ 4.13 billion. 

The bank offers a variety of services that include offering financial products across the country at different levels. It also has a good distribution of its network as 199 branch offices are strategically located in the country.

ASB Bank

This one of the oldest financial institutions around which was established in 1847 and has had its headquarters in Auckland city. The bank has a huge and reliable workforce of about 4900 employers who are on standby to provide you with the best of their services distributed across the 124 branches with over 600 ATMs across the country.

Bank of New Zealand

Bank of New Zealand was founded in 1861 and later on became the National Australia Bank with its own Board of Directors That had a mandate to oversee all the management and operation of the bank. The bank has a huge network of staff of about 5000 who are ready to provide you with the required financial service when need arise.

Kiwi Bank

Kiwi bank is a state-owned enterprise that provides retail banking and financial products to individuals and Small and Medium Enterprises. The bank has a huge number of employees of about 2500 who are keen to provide you with high-quality services.


The presence of the friendly financial conditions in New Zealand has made the country manage its financial status in a more easy and professional way hence attracting more investors.