New Study Shows CMS As The Most Racially Segregated District in NC


This past Friday, the North Carolina Justice Center released a new study that examined racial segregation in schools across our states.

The report examined the trends in school segregation in North Carolina over the past 10 years and concluded that;

  • The number of racially and economically isolated schools has increased
  • Districts’ racial distribution is mixed, but economic segregation is on the rise
  • Large school districts could be doing much more to integrate their schools
  • School district boundaries are still used to maintain segregated school systems
  • Charter schools tend to exacerbate segregation

The report also indicates that while the Charlotte Mecklenburg School system used to have a rather successful racially integrated system, the 2001 decision by the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals to declare Charlotte-Mecklenburg’s racial integration plan illegal has since created significant resegregation.

According to the report, Mecklenburg County is now the #1 most segregated school district in the state of North Carolina;

You can read the entire report here.

What are your thoughts on racial segregation in our schools?

What steps do you think should be taken to improve CMS?