Scammers in Charlotte Are Telling Victims They’re From Duke Energy


27648604-image-scam-alert-genericThe next time you receive a call from someone telling you they’re from Duke Energy, be wary!

A scam has been going around the Charlotte region that involves someone who claims to be from the energy company and demanding money in order to keep your power on.

According to the Better Business Bureau, utility scams are on the rise around the country, and especially here in the Carolinas.

Duke Energy and the BBB even held a joint press conference this past week to address the new increase in scams.

“These scammers are very active, very aggressive. Even the most savvy businesses are being taken for thousands of dollars.” commented Duke Energy representative Jared Lawrence.

Since last year, there have been a total of 675 reports of Charlotte area residents being scammed out of money from people claiming to be from Duke Energy – a total of $80,257 was stolen, according to Lawrence.

Duke Energy has even released the following video on how to spot a scammer:

If you receive a call from someone who claims to be from Duke Energy and threatens to turn off your energy, hang up, and call Duke Energy directly to inquire about your account.

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