New Report Shows Baking Christmas Cookies in Charlotte Will Cost More This Year


The Official Christmas Cookie Price Index researches the cost of cookie ingredients in 60 US cities and 30 countries to reflect that this holiday season is set to be defined by higher prices and empty shelves.

In light of the supply chain problems the world is experiencing, this study takes on increased relevance by demonstrating how much Americans will pay for their favorite holiday snack this winter.

According to the report by HelloFresh, a batch of freshly baked Christmas cookies should cost about $4.92 in Charlotte, which lands us toward the bottom of the scale. The cheapest place in America to bake Christmas cookies is Charleston, SC at $2.23 per batch and the most expensive place is San Diego, at $12.40 per batch.

“We all know that cookies play a pivotal role during the holidays whether it be a way to bond with family and friends or a way to come together during the most festive time of year,” said Carol England, Culinary Development Manager at HelloFresh. “The pandemic put a lot of stress on consumer wallets so we were interested to learn more about which cities and states are seeing the best bang for their buck when it comes to holiday ingredient shopping.”

What are your thoughts on the recent supply chain crunch? 

Will you be baking Christmas cookies this year?