New Report Ranks 3 Carolina Cities Among The Most Dangerous In America for 2018


A new report by has just ranked 3 Carolina cities among the 50 most dangerous in America.

East St. Louis tops the ranking with 4,888 violent crimes per 100,000 people, and 3 Carolina cities made the top 50 list, including Lumberton, NC (#16) with 1,788 per 100,000, Myrtle Beach (#33) with 1,566 per 100,000, and Spartanburg (#49) with 1,378 per 100,000.

They note that the primary cause of the elevated level of violent crime in certain cities seems to be most directly tied to the inequality of incomes in a community.

According to the new report,  “Although mass shootings are becoming increasingly common in American life, the violent crime and prevalence of gun murders plaguing America’s most dangerous cities aren’t best explained by lax gun laws, rates of gun ownership, or one-off rampages (although, these do have an effect), but rather, by income inequality. Where there is a high poverty rate, and little opportunity to earn a decent wage, we find high homicide rates and a prevalence of other types of violent crime.”

To find out more information about the rankings, you can read the full report here.

Have you been to Lumberton, Spartanburg, or Myrtle Beach? How safe did you feel?