New Poll Shows Charlotte’s Mayoral Race Virtually Tied At 41% to 40%


Spectrum News and SurveyUSA just released the results of a new poll in Charlotte’s mayoral race.

They found that both candidates are virtually tied, with Lyles showing a slight lead at 41% and Smith at 40%.

▪ Smith has 85% of the Republican vote and 12% of the Democrat vote

▪ Lyles has 71% of the Democratic vote and 6% of the Republican vote

▪ Men favor Smith at 52% to 28%, and Women favor Lyles at 48% to 33%.

▪ Smith is leading the Millenial vote (ages 18 to 34) with 51% to 21%.

▪ White voters favor Smith at 53% to 27% and Black voters favor Lyles at 55% to 24%.

Early voting started last week and will continue through election day on November 7th.

If you aren’t sure who to vote for yet, check out’s pages on Smith and Lyles for more info on the candidates.

Here’s a recent debate produced by Fox Charlotte;

PBS Charlotte also recently released several debate segments on transportation:

leadership style:

police and protests:

and taxes:

Please go vote!