Growing Petition Is Asking Panther Management To Bring Steve Smith Back One Last Time


bring-steve-smith-backEarlier this month, during the Panther’s press conference, GM Dave Gettleman gave some rather awkward responses when asked if Steve Smith should retire as a Panther.

His initial response to the reporter’s question was, “That is way above my paygrade.”

He took a drink of water and a quickly said, “Next.”

The reporter spoke-up again saying, “but you’re in charge of contracts…”

Gettleman again repeated, “That is way above my paygrade.”

Back in 2014, Smith had some rather harsh words for the Panther’s management when the failed to resign him. He told a reporter than he had been “stabbed in the back”, and that Gettleman told him that he was a “shadow” of his former self and that Smith was “jealous” of Cam Newton.

In spite of how things ended, and in spite of Smith already having submitted his retirement letter to the NFL, many fans still have hope he will retire as a Panther – even if he’s only brought back for one final game. He remains the greatest receiver the Panther’s have ever had, and still holds most of our records, including the most touchdowns (67), receptions (836), and receiving yards (12,197).

A petition has now been started, asking Dave Gettleman and the Panther’s management to bring back Smitty one last time. The petition has already received over 1235 signatures since last month.

You can read the petition and sign it here on

Do you think Steve Smith should retire as a Panther?