New Panthers Owner To Build Giant Bubble Over Practice Field


Next year, the Carolina Panthers are expected to have a brand new indoor practice facility, called the Bubble, which should be finished before the start of preseason.

In a letter sent out to all season ticket holders, new Panthers owner David Tepper talked about the new ‘bubble’ facility as well as additional changes to the Panthers Stadium.

“At this point, given our practice field and what other people have in the league, we’re falling behind a little bit,” noted Tepper. “The Bubble is our first of several planned infrastructure projects and will be followed by enhancements to Bank of America Stadium and a new permanent practice facility and campus in the future.”

Last year the Panthers had to practice in all kinds of negative conditions, from soggy fields, to snow, to freezing rain. The rainfall before Christmas was so bad that the team was forced to practice in an open event space inside the Charlotte Convention Center.

The Bubble will be a short term solution to the Panthers indoor practice facility needs. No word yet about any new permanent facility.



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