New Panthers’ Owner Considering Benching Cam Newton Next Season


There’s now a strong possibility that Cam Newton may be benched next season due to a linger shoulder injury, according to statements by new Panthers owner David Tepper.

Yesterday Tepper said that although the team is doing everything they can to ensure Newtown can start next season with a healthy throwing arm, it’s also important to “keep their options open”.

“If you know what you might be facing next year, or not facing — hopefully, Cam’s shoulder is fantastic and we’re hunky dory and we’re all happy — (but) if it’s not, you may need more cap space,” Tepper said. “You need to be able to go out and find somebody. If you don’t, (reporters) are going to be writing up what a dope we are here. Why didn’t we make these other moves?”

The new owner said they are now looking for potential replacements in all possible places.

“From our people on the inside and his people on the outside there are a lot of people looking to see what is the best course of action,” Tepper commented.

He noted that even undrafted rookie Kyle Allen is a possibility, especially given how well he played in Carolina’s season-ending win against the New Orleans Saints.

Tepper also expressed regret for not benching Newton earlier in the season, especially after he wasn’t able to practice during the week.

“As Cam’s shoulder got worse that made it that much harder to win,” he said.

What are your thoughts about benching Newton next season?

Who do you think we should use as a back-up?