New North Carolina Water Tower Going Viral Due To Its Unusual Shape


One North Carolina water tower is now going viral due to what many people are saying it looks like.

In the heart of North Carolina’s Outer Banks, the town of Kill Devil Hills is currently constructing a massive new $2.8 million, 160 foot tall water tower with in a very peculiar shape.

The Kitty Hawk Facebook page first noticed the uncanny resemblance to a bong, snapped a picture when the crane swung into just the right position, and posted it to their social channels.

“Breaking news: Kill Devil Hills builds the world’s biggest bong,” wrote the Kitty Hawk Watersports Facebook page.

The post is now going viral with over 3,700 shares and over 200 comments;

The current shape, however, is not permanent. According to city planners at Kill Devil Hills, the water tower’s storage tank will eventually be hoisted up to the top of the tower and the crane will be removed once the structure is completely sealed and painted.