New ICE Surge Targeting Undocumented Teenagers in Charlotte


false-ice-checkpoints-in-charlotteAn anti-illegal-immigration surge is currently underway in Charlotte, led by the federal government’s ICE division. According to Spanish-language newspaper Hola Noticias, there have already been at least 50 arrests and deportations in Charlotte since July 18.

The current crackdown is targeting teenagers who crossed the border illegally without guardians, and who are suspected to be affiliated with gangs.

ICE will release specific details and statistics about their current surge in Charlotte once the operation concludes.

Mecklenburg County is now estimated to be home to over 54,000 undocumented immigrants, about 1/6th of North Carolina’s entire estimated undocumented population of 338,000, according to

Our city has been accused of being a ‘sanctuary city’, ignoring immigration laws and supporting illegal immigrants. City officials, however, say that this is not the case.

While the Charlotte Mecklenburg police to not actively seek to arrest illegal immigrants, Mecklenburg County Sheriff Deputies do verify the legal status of every inmate that is put in our jail. If a person is found to not be legal, they will be deported. This policy of checking inmates (policy 287g) resulted in 100 people being deported in 2016.

What do you think of the recent ICE raids?