New Data: 25% of Charlotte Renters Looking at Apartments in a Different Metros

In Apartment List’s newest Renter Migration Report, they evaluate the so-called “urban exodus” that was expected to dramatically alter the landscape of cities across the country.
In the year since the pandemic started, many renters moved out of major urban areas. But in doing so, they created vacancies that have drawn in the next wave of renters who will take their place. Today, renter searches for dense, urban areas are rapidly rising.
Using proprietary search data from the Apartment List platform, they also found that:
  • In the first quarter of 2021, 25% of Charlotte renters are looking at apartments outside the metro area, up from 18% one year ago.
  • The most popular destinations for renters looking to leave Charlotte are Atlanta, Raleigh, and Columbia, while renters looking to move into Charlotte are coming from Columbia, New York, and Greensboro.
  • 13% of renters looking to leave Charlotte metro are searching for short-term leases, signaling that they may be moving only temporarily.

You can read their full report here.