New Charlotte Start-Up Believes They Have Invented “The World’s Most Perfect Towel”


A new start-up company in Charlotte is now trying to change the towel game.

After a year of research and development, co-founders Jesse Storc and Michelle Trogdon finally launched their new Charlotte-based company, Weave Towels, last Monday. After testing thousands of different materials, thicknesses, and manufacturing techniques, they now believe they’ve successfully developed the world’s most perfect towel.

“We were tired of searching for quality towels at big box stores. It’s really overwhelming how many choices there are, yet so few are designed without borders (the decorative section consuming several inches on each end of the towel). Towels felt soft in the store then lost their luster after laundering them, and often times shrunk up unevenly at the borders,” said Storc. “We found out that towels in the store are typically treated with chemicals to make them appear soft and luxurious. We wanted towels designed without borders and made with the finest cotton at the highest quality – without having to guess.”

In less than a week, they’ve already managed to sell almost $2,000 worth of towels on Kickstarter;

Storc and Trogdon, like most Charlotteans, are northern transplants who have fallen in love with their new home. They are thankful for all the open doors this city has given them, and they’re now hoping to give back.

“We have been recognized in the community for providing fair, living wages for our [Naturally Clean] employees. Our values and work ethic are what make our company succeed. We have carried over these ideals and importance of community and eco-conscious practices to Weave Textile Co.” said Trogdon. “We absolutely love our customers and the Charlotte community, we thought with this new business we should bring as many opportunities back to this region. Jesse is a native Chicagoan and I’m originally from Cleveland, OH. We’ve called Charlotte our home since 2011, and can only hope we continue to grow as responsible business owners in our community and beyond.”

You can find out more about what makes the Weave Towels “the world’s most perfect towel” on their Kickstarter campaign here.