Netflix Needing Paid Extras For New Series They’re About To Film in The Carolinas


Netflix is now in the Carolinas preparing to film a new series and they’re now asking for a wide range of paid extras who want to appear on the small screen.

Their new series is called OBX, “a coming of age story about four best friends in high school during the summer following a devastating hurricane”.

The show will start filming on May 1st and they will pay each extra $80/8 hours of work.

On the casting company’s Facebook page they note that;

“Submissions should be sent to, subject line: General Submission and MUST INCLUDE ALL of the following to be considered for extra work on OBX:

1.) 2 Recent Pictures (Head Shot and Body Shot)
2.) Name
4.) Age
5.) Location
6.) Height
7.) Weight
8.) Shirt Size
9.) Jacket Size (if applicable)
10.) Pant Size (W and L, if applicable)
11.) Dress Size (if applicable)
12.) Shoe Size
13.) Color, Make, Model (Year) of Vehicle, Brownie Points if you include a photo!
14.) List of Any Tattoos or Piercings”

They also detail the specific roles they are looking for (in addition to “general extras”), including Pogues, Kooks, and Regular Teen Tourists;