NC’s Blue Ridge Parkway Officials Warn of 700 lb Elk Charging At Cars


The Blue Ridge Parkway recently issued a warning to all drivers to be cautious when driving around the NC mountains due to a recent increase in the population of bull elk.

According to the National Park Service, the 500+ lb animals have been known to charge vehicles and hikers when approached.

They posted the warning on their Facebook page, saying, “Adult elk seen along the Parkway and in Great Smoky Mountains National Park can weigh between 500 and 700 pounds and have been known to charge in order to defend themselves. If you see an elk on the Parkway please keep your distance in order to maintain their safety and your own.“;

The animals were reintroduced in 2001 and 2002 in an attempt to bring back what was once a thriving elk community in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

The reintroduction has been considered a success with visitors and locals even reporting seeing entire elk families walking through the mountain communities around Western North Carolina.

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